Constructional Details of Grab Buckets :-

*          The Grab Bucket shall be of Welded Construction.

*          The Grab Bucket shall be fabricated out of IS:2062 Quality Steel.

*          The cutting edges shall be manufactured out of tested quality plates of IS:2062 and the edges will be hardened with suitable hard facing             electrodes.  The hardness will be 300 to 350 BHN (Approx).

*          The Pulleys will be of cast Steel/Fabricated conforming to IS:1030 and the grooves will be machined to suit the Rope Diameter.  The Pulleys will be             mounted on bearings of adequate size and capacity.

*          The link arms will be made of plates conforming to IS:2062 and will be braced together to provide rigidity and connected to the scoops by means of             mild Steel double lugs, welded on the corners of the scoops.

*          All pins will be of forged Steel C45 conforming to IS:1570.

*          The Grab Bucket will be sturdy with enough stiffnors.  The Jaws will be designed to hold the material effectively in the closed position.

*          The grab will be compact in design.

*          All  moving parts will be provided with grease lubrication arrangement.  The grab will be suitably lubricated before despatch.

*          All pins and axles will be hardened suitably.

*          No hard facing electricals will be used on the opening edges of Grab Bucket.

*          The Grab bucket will be factory assembled and will be dimensionally checked.

*          The Grab bucket after inspection will be painted with Two coat of  Epoxy Primer followed by Two coat of finished (paint of approved) colour.

*          The Grab bucket will be despatched in unpacked condition in closed position.

*          We will submit you General Arrangement Drawing for your approval, within 3 weeks from date of receipt of your technically and commercially clear             order and advance payment.  Manufacturing will commence after the receipt of your approval of drawings.

*          The grab bucket can be inspected by your Inspecting Officer at our Works at your cost, before the material is despatched to you.

If you have requirement of above Grab Bucket then kindly send following Technical details to to send our offer :-

1.         Capacity.

2.         Material to be handled.

3.         Specific Gravity of the material alongwith its property. 
e.g.percentage of water content in material etc.

4.         Type of Crane which will be used for Grab Bucket.

5.         Details of the Grab Bucket required, e.g.four rope type or hook on type, etc.

6          Is Grab Bucket required to operate under water ?

7.         Any restriction on dimension of Grab Bucket required by you.

8.         Any specific feature that you may required the Grab Bucket.

9.         Number of operations per day for the Grab Bucket.

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