The JIB crane will be fabricated from tested quality steel section with all welded construction. The structure will be designed as per ISS: 807-1976, for cranes.

The complete JIB will be carried on ball/roller thrust bearing in the top and bottom brackets to be fitted on the column to be provided by us/column to be provided by you.

In case column is to be provided by us then the column will be fabricated from mild steel pipe. Suitable stiffeners will be provided on the column. A base plate of ample design will also be provided.


This will be of “ELMECH” makes Single Girder type, complete with motor driven trolley/hand geared trolley for travelling motion. The hoisting motor will be three phase squirrel cage conical rotor type working on 400/440volts, 50Hz, A.C. supply. This motor will be specially designed for hoist and crane duty and will be insulated by class ‘B/F’ type of insulation. The starting and stalling torques of the motors are 220% and 290% respectively of the full load torque. The motor will be rated 40% E.D. The hoist will be equipped with conical type mechanical break which is 100% fool proof and applies automatically when the power supply is ‘OFF’.
The reduction in hoisting speed will be by means of special alloy steel, grease lubricated, totally enclosed gear. For the hoist, a grooved M.S. rope drum will be provided to carry full length of wire rope in single layer. The hoist will also be complete with rope guide to prevent overlapping of the rope.

A limit switch will be provided to limit the highest and lowest positions of the hook. These positions can easily be adjusted to suit different heights.

In case of motor driven trolley type hoist, a geared motor will be provided for traverse motion. This motor will be of high starting torque, squirrel cage type, operating on conical rotor principle. The brake will apply automatically and instantaneously.


This will consists of push button controller hanging by means of rubber cable to be operated from floor level.

The push button will operate the motor through contactors so as to have controlling voltage at push buttons at 110 volts. This is for the safely of the operator.

The protective equipment will consist of overload relays, contractors and step down transformer for control voltage included in the scope of our supply.


For the collection of current to trolley, we will include a flexible rubber cable supported by means of loops attached to a stretched wire.

We shall provide all wiring between individual motors, controllers and current collectors. The wiring will be with PVC cables. For collation of current to the crane, we shall provide enough cable length to collect the current from the junction box. However, junction box will have to be provided by the buyer.


The crane will be tested at 25% overload. This test has to be performed after erection at site and it will be the responsibility of the buyer to make all the necessary arrangements and incur expenses relating to this test.


All parts of the structure will be thoroughly scraped, cleaned and one cost of red lead paint will be applied before the crane leaves our works. All parts of machinery will be finished with yellow enamel paint.


With each crane, we will supply two copies of installation and operation instructions containing full instructions for assembly, erection, proper operation and maintenance of the crane. This will also contain list of the parts to enable the buyer ordering spares.


The services of our engineers will be made available, on chargeable basis, if required, for :-

1.  Supervision during load test;
2.  Initial starting up;
3.  Training of operations in the operation and maintenance of the crane;
4.  For any other purpose, like servicing the machinery etc.

However, if you desire complete erection can be undertaken by us at an extra cost.


In case of manually operated JIB crane manual hoist with hand geared trolley will be provided operating through endless chain.


In case of flameproof electrically operated crane, following electrical items will have flameproof enclosures :-
1)  Motors
2)  Breaks
3)  Limit Switches
4)  Pendant push button station
5)  Control panel
6)  Wheels have phosphor bronze lining.

In case flameproof manually operated crane, following items will be made from phosphor bronze material :-
1)  Ratchet wheel
2)  Load chain wheel
3)  Hand chain wheel
4)  CT Pinion.

If you have requirement of above Jib Crane then kindly send following Technical details to eddycranes@vsnl.com to send our offer :-
1.         Capacity of Jib Crane.

2.         Height of Lift.

3.         Jib radius required.

4.         Jib Crane will be wall mounted or column mounted.

5.         Slewing angle required.

6.         Should hoisting & travelling be motor driven type or hand geared type.

7.         Type of material to be handled.

8.         Desired speeds if any.

9.         Duty condition as per IS:807.

10.       Any other special feature required.

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