Modular Construction Electric Hoist.


The above Hoist will be manufactured confirming to your Specification and will have Built-in DCEM Disc Brake of PETHE / EMCO / SNS / EMM make only.

The Hoist will be tested at our works prior to dispatch at full load as well as overload in accordance with relevant IS.

The Control Panel will be provided on Hoist considering of Main Contactors, Motor Contactors, Single Phase Preventors with overload relays, MCB's Control Transformers, Indicating Lamps, Connectors, etc.

The breaking torque for each brake will be 150% of motor torque minimum.

Hoist will have hook alongwith swivel block.  Swiveling hooks shall be mounted on thrust bearings and protective skirt shall be provided to enclose the bearing.  The hook shall be swivel 3600 rotation with full load.  The Swivel hook nut shall be locked with set screw or a split pin to prevent it from coming out.

Pendant Push Button (approx 6 Mtrs. length) suspended from Hoist alongwith supporting chain.  The Push Button Station will be provided with an additional press to lock, mushroom type push button for emergency stop.

Overload relay in Control Panels will be self resetting type.

Hoist hook will be provided with safety locking arrangement to prevent accidental unhooking.

Enclosure of Motors will be IP55.

Hoist Motor, High torque, Crane Duty, TEFC, Class “F” Insulated 40% CDF suitable for 150 Starts/hour, 6 Pole, in IEC frame size of BBL / GECA / KEC / CGL make only (Temperature rise limited to Class B).

CT Motion will be provided with “ELMECH-ROTO MOTIVE” make geared brake Motors with built-in DCEM Disc Brakes.  Motors will be High Torque, Crane Duty, 40% CDF, Totally Enclosed, suitable for 150 Starts/hour in IEC frame size, Class ‘F’ insulated complete with BONFIGLIOLI / ROSSI – ITALY make helical oil filled Gear Box having hardened & ground gears.  These Gear boxes do not require   replacement oil for its life.

Bearing shall be SKF/FAG/TATA/NRB make only.

Rope Guide as well as Rope Tightner will not be provided on Electric Hoist.

Inspection and testing will be carried out as per your technical specification & IS:3938-1983.

If you have requirement of above Crane then kindly send following Technical details to to send our offer :-

1.         Capacity in Tonnes.

2.         Height of Lift.

3.         Length of Travel.

4.         Type of Trolley required
i.e. Motorised/Fix Mounting/Push Pull Type/Hand Geared Chain Drive.

5.         Duty condition as per IS:3938.

6.         Type of material to be handled.

7.         Desired speeds if any.

8.         Beam Size on which Hoist will be operating ?

9.         Any other relevant information if any, to suit your requirement.

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