The “ELMECH” crane will be designed in accordance with IS: 807-1976 code of practice for design manufacture, erection and testing (Structural position) of cranes and hoists and IS: 3177-1999 code of practice for design of overhead travelling cranes.

In the design of components adequate factor of safety, as per relevant codes, shall be allowed. Impact fatigue, wear and stress concentration factors shall be taken into account whenever applicable.


Tested quality steel or equivalent will be used in the manufacture of the main load bearing members of the crane structure. The crane bridge will be “ELMECH” mono girder type and shall be suitable stiffened, if desire, by an auxiliary girder to be proved on one side of main girder.

The end carriage will be fabricated from suitable rolled steel section provided with dipharm members and will be connected to the girders to prevent cross bending. The end carriages will be provided with double flanged forged wheels running on anti-friction bearing. For easy assembly / erection at site all parts of structure will be given match makings.


Hoist will be complete with motor driven trolley / hand geared trolley for cross traverse motion. The hoisting motor will be three phase squirrel cage conical rotor type working on 400 / 440volts, 50Hz, A.C. supply. This motor will be specially designed for hoist and crane duty and insulated by class ‘B/F’ type of insulation. The starting torque of the motors will be 220% and 290% respectively of the full load torque. The motor will be rated 40% ED. The hoist will be equipped with conical type mechanical brake which is 100% full proof and applies automatically when the power supply is “OFF”.

The reduction in hoisting and traverse speed will be means of special alloy steel, grease lubricated totally enclosed gears housed in CI gears box. For the hoist, a M.S. fabricated grooved rope drum will be provided to carry full length of wire rope in single layer. The hoist will be complete with rope guide prevent overlapping of the rope.

A limit switch will be provided to limit the highest and lowest position of the hook. This position can be easily adjusted to suit different heights.

A separated limit switch will be provided to limit the travel of trolley in both directions.


The long travel motion will be achieved through long travel mechanism placed at the centre of bridge or by means of two motor drive arrangement driving each wheel. The long travel mechanism will comprise of a squirrel cage motor of reputed make, an electro – magnetic brake / electro hydraulic brake reduction gear box.


The crane shall be controlled from floor through pendant push button station hanging from (Hoist). The push button will operate the motors through contractors so as to have the controlling voltage at the push button at 110volts. This is for safety of the operator. The crane shall be equipped with protective control panel consisting of contractors, overload relays, fuses transformers, etc.

Wiring: For collection of current to trolley, flexible rubber cables supported by means of loops attached to a stretched wire. (Provided) All the wiring between individual motors, controllers and current collectors will be with PVC cables. For the collection of current to the crane from down shop leads, current collectors are provided down shop leads can be supplied at an extra cost.

The crane will be tested at 25% overload. This test has to be performed after erection at site, if erection contract is awarded to us, and it will be responsibility of the purchaser to make all the necessary arrangement and incur expenses relating to this test.

The crane will be painted with one coat of red oxide primer and one cost of enamel paint at our works before dispatch.

With each crane, two copies of installation and operation instruction containing full instruction for assembly, erection and maintenance of the crane are supplied this also contain the list of the parts to enable ordering out spares.


The services of our engineer will be available, at chargeable basis, if required for :-

a)  Supervision during load test.
b)  Initial starting up.
c)  Training of operation in the operation and maintenance of the crane.
d)  For any other purpose like servicing the machinery.

The charges for the services of our representative will be charge per day per person for the number of days our representative is away from Mumbai / Pune on your job plus to and fro airfare.

However, if you desire complete erection can be undertaken by us at extra cost, as mentioned in our erection quotation.


In case of flameproof cranes, following electrical items will have flame proof enclosures:

1)  Motors,
2)  Brakes,
3)  Limit Switches,
4)  Pendant push button station,
5)  Control panel.

Wheels shall have phosphor, bronze, liming.

If you have requirement of above Crane then kindly send following Technical details to to send our offer :-

1.         Crane Capacity in Tonnes:                 a. Main Hoist (MH):
                                                                        b. Aux Hoist (AH):

2.         Height of lift in Mtrs. for MH & AH/ Rail top from Floor Level:

3.         Lift below floor level in Mtrs., if any:

4.         Type of Crane:                       
            a)  Single Girder / Double Girder:
            b)  Underslung / Overhead

5.         Exact Span in Mtrs. (Centre distance between rails/column):

6.         Location of the Crane - INDOOR / UNDERSHED / OUTDOOR:

7.         Area of classification: safe OR Hazardous,
            If Hazardous then specify Gas Group, Temperature Class & Zone.

8.         Duty as per IS-3177 (1999)/ IS-4137/ BSS 466/ DN 15018, DIN 15020/ Any other International        
            Standard: (M1/ M2/ M3/ M4/ M5/ M6/ M7/ M8) OR (Class I II or IV):

9.         Length of Travel / Bay Length in Mtrs:

10.       Desired speeds in all motion:  a. Main Hoist:
            In Mtrs./min                             b. Aux. Hoist:
                                                            c. Cross Travel:
                                                            d. Long Travel:

11.       Do you need creep/Micro Speed in any of the Motion:
            If yes, through conventional method (10 % of main speed through pony motor & planetary
            gearbox) or through latest VVVF drives technology (5% - 100% of main speed). Please specify:

12.       Ambient Temperature in Celsius:

13.       Operation:                   Floor Operated / Cabin Operated / Remote Control (RRC):
                                                If Cabin operated, Open type or Closed type:

14.       Type of material to be handled:

15.       Required Power Feeding for DSL System (End/Centre/Two-end):

16.       Painting Details:

17.       Details of Lifting tackle / attachment, if required:

18.       Any other relevant information if any, to suit your requirement:

19.       Please send shop layout drawing indicating clearances available.

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