Why "ELMECH" Cranes

Performance and Reliability:

ELMECH: Cranes are the result of 27 years of engineering expertise and qualitative research. Designed and manufactured by qualified engineers to Indian and International standard. ELMECH Cranes come in a wide range to suit various applications.

ELMECH Brake Motors: A Simple Principle.THE PRINCIPLE:The design concept of the combinations of electric motor and brake has been solved by the brake motor with the tapped sliding rotor. This drive unit was patent in 1924 as a crane drive “Where the brake is  rigidly joined to the tapped sliding rotor” since then this type of drive unit has proved itself to be very reliable.The sliding rotor brake motor known as the ELMECH brake motor has a tapered rotor and stator pack. This creates a vertical and horizontal magnetic field.The former creates the torque as in every other electric motor and the latter  brings about an axial force which when switched on moves the rotor with the firmly attached brake disk axially against the brake spring. This release the brake.  (Refer brake operation arrangement diagram on reverse.)When the motor is switched off the magnetic field disappears and consequently the axial force and the brake spring press the rotor with the brake disk against the braking surface.



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