• Frame: Winch frame will be fabricated out of rolled mild steel sections of adequate capacity as per IS-226 and will be well gusseted, for complete rigidity to withstand various loads. All the components will be mounted on the base frame. The frame will be covered by chequered plates. Suitable lifting and anchoring arrangement will be provided on the base frame for lifting and easy transportation of the Winch.

  • Drum: Rope drum will be fabricated out of rolled mild steel plates / seamless pipe of adequate capacity as per IS-226/made out of graded cast steel. The drum will be grooved/UN grooved and suitable side flanges will be provided on both sides of the drum. The drum will be keyed to the main drum shaft. The shaft will be free to rotate on standard self aligning double row bearing/gun metal bushes, fitted inside the fabricated side brackets, for smooth operation.

    Drum Capacity: The drum will be capable of accommodating complete length of 6 X 37 construction wire rope in layers as per quotation.

    Wire Rope: Un galvanized steel core / Fiber core wire rope having breaking strength of 180Kg/mm² will be provided, if quoted.

    Motor: Squirrel cage induction motor having class ‘B’ insulation, suitable for 400/440V, III phase 50Hz A.C supply conforming to IS – 325 will be provided. The motor will be dynamically balanced for vibration free service. GEC/Siemens/Crompton/GEC makes motor will be totally enclosed type.

    Break: III phase electro-magnetic/Electro-Hydraulic Thruster break of suitable dia will be provided in between the motor and reduction gear box over break drum coupling.

    Reduction: Reduction will be through Spur/Helical speed reduction gear box having multi-stage gears and pinions, enclosed in fabricated housing, with broad bearing seats, for antifriction bearings. The gear box output shaft will be extended for mounting drive pinion and will be designed for desired operating load.

    Shafting: The stub shafting in rope drum assembly will be of hard drawn steel, round machined, taper in design for smooth flow of stress.

    Flexible Coupling: A pin bush type flexible coupling will be provided in between the motor and reduction gear box.

    Centrifugal Break: A centrifugal break can be provided in the extension of the first stage shaft of the reduction on gear box for control of over lowering speed while lowering of the load id quoted at extra price.

    Electrical Control: Electrical control of the WINCH will be through a push button starter having overload protection relay, fuses, and buttons for ON, OFF, FORWARD and REVERSE motion.

    Operator’s Seat: A suitable operator’s seat if necessary will be provided on WINCH frames that all the control will be within the easy reach of the operator.

    Painting: The WINCH will be painted as per relevant specification.

    Inspection: Inspection of the equipments can be carried out at our Chinchwad (Pune) works by our authorized representative before dispatch.

    Load test: No load, full load tests of the WINCH can be carried out at our Chinchwad (Pune) works in the presence of your authorized representative before dispatch.

    Manual: Instruction and maintenance manual indicating the details along with spare parts catalogue will be supplied along with the WINCH.

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